Friday, May 7, 2010

Nurses of the Caribbean

During the spring break of this past semester I went on a study abroad trip to The Bahamas. We went for a week to the island of Eleuthera. The trip was planned for nursing students as well as pre-med students. Our group from Clemson University consisted of 9 senior nursing students, 1 junior nursing student (me), and 3 pre-med students. We were affiliated with a church group from the Clemson area that was going down for a mission trip. The church group had taken this trip several times but this was the second study abroad trip and definitely the biggest study abroad group to tag along. Hopefully the trip will be able to continue for future students from Clemson.
Our purpose for traveling to The Bahamas was to learn about the Bahamian culture with a specific emphasis on their healthcare system. We had the opportunity to work in the clinics (I worked both of my days in the Rock Sound clinic) with the Bahamian nurses. I had so much fun with them--they are awesome ladies! It was also enjoyable to get to know the people that came to us as patients. While working in the clinics we did several things from taking vital signs, to dressing wounds, to filling prescriptions. Back in the States, we don't really get to work with the pharmacy so that was something new.
After my two days of working in the clinics, I joined the church group in one of their service projects in the town of Tarpum Bay for the rest of the week. We were working on restoring one of their old buildings for a new schoolhouse. The work was hard but at the same time rewarding. It felt good to be able to help ou
All of our group-church and study abroad-volunteered at the Ride For Hope bike race that was held on the island this year. It was a great experience. The pre-med students were stationed as medical support at different locations. A couple of our nursing students ended up saving one of the rider's lives by administering CPR. That experience really showed me just how important our profession is.
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to The Bahamas. The peop
le there are so loving towards each other as well as visitors. They have such a positive outlook on life that it inspires you to be more happy and positive yourself. There were so many other awesome things about this trip that I just can't remember to add at the moment or I don't have time to. One thing is for sure though: this was the experience of a lifetime!
Here are some pictures to make up for the lack of words. Enjoy!